The Illawarra Quill is a blog dedicated to writing in the Illawarra and what it can bring to the community.

This blog contains a written feature about the South Coast Writers Centre and its staff, who make amazing writing events happen in Wollongong and beyond, and a video profile of a young writer studying creative writing at a postgraduate level. This blog also contains an audio slideshow of the launch of UOW Creative Arts Sub-Dean and Senior Creative Writing Lecturer, Shady Cosgrove’s latest book, What the Ground Can’t Hold. The audio slideshow is all about the celebration of seven years of hard work in the form of a well-crafted book.

This blog also contains a variety of special features in the form of Writers Resources (a guidebook and links to a number of Writers’ Centres across the country) and a small video of Tertangala co-editor, Chloe Higgins, describing the upcoming and first UOW Writers’ Festival.

Feel free to look around, watch, listen, read and more importantly, enjoy!



Special thanks must go to the writers featured on this blog. Without their help, this wouldn’t have been possible. Ashleigh Kelman, Friederike Krishnabhakdi-Vasilakis, Rhiannon Hall, Darcy Tranter-Cook, Shady Cosgrove, Nicole Thomas, Evelyn Adtler, Nicola Sanchez, Ruben Tabuteau, Matilda Grogan, Susie Lenehan, Elisa Davey, Michelle Kasparian and Chloe Higgins. A very special thanks must go to Rhiannon Hall for helping me out in my research of the South Coast Writers Centre.